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spiders in the kitchen.

i cleared out my national city account except for that fucking $9 check from may that platek still has to cash.

but more importantly: i saw the eels and hung out with alison last night.

it was good times! though the crowd was smaller than i'm used to at the odeon, and it was like the strangest group of people from eight-year-old boys to middle-aged men in wheelchairs and assorted teenagers of different styles of music.

the eels are a very good live band. they played some of the newer stuff which i wasn't too familiar with, but it's alright 'cause they squeezed in "it's a motherfucker" and "i like birds." hell yes.

e is a very interesting man.

on the way home we went to denny's and it was good stuff. even though it took like half an hour to get out of downtown because of all the fucking traffic from the gund or something.

and there were annoying prepubescent girls wearing like no clothes at denny's. "i'm going inside, it's cold!"

alison: "maybe you should put some fucking clothes on, ya HO!"

it's past 1 and i still haven't eaten breakfast. i think i'm gonna have a few bowls of cereal.
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