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a constant sauna.

we're sitting in this internet cafe around noon on our first day in china. it's august 3 technically but we lost a day after the damn uncomfortable twenty hours of flying.

i've been putting tammi's notebook to good use. after an emotional goodbye at the airport and all, i've been scribbling what i can in between watching in-flight movies and eating pre-packaged "single serving" meals.

it's really really really hot and humid. but it's been a good experience so far, minus the lack of central air conditioning.

there are so many things i want to say but i know i won't get to say them all. so, yeah, just wanted to drop a line and let everyone know what's up.

pray that i stay hydrated! talk to you soon.
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so much is going on...i need to talk to you ASAP
aww wow.
i hope you stay hydrated.
have sooo much fun!
i'm sending you happy thoughts~
it's been interesting so far.

i can't wait for l.a. though! ;)
you'll be partying
in the california sun ;)

did you make any single serving friends? you are quite clever you know
we haven't met any single-serving friends, haha.. guess i wasn't personable enough for the stylish japanese ladies at the tokyo airport.
everytime i go to asia , it s kind of difficult for me to handle with the humidity. but after a few days it s ok ! Just drink water.
do you travel to asia a lot?

yeah, the humidity is fucking gross. but it's an interesting environment, i guess..
i love going to asia!!! i'm planning to go to Birmania at the begining of the year .
that's so cool. it's nice here except i'm not totally fluent in chinese.. and i got sunburnt. blah
I hope the flight wasn't too bad. Have tons of fun there. Don't get run over by the stupid crazy drivers in the street!
driving is really scary over here. surprisingly there are less accidents than in the U.S. with like no traffic laws. haha. goes to show that a little anarchy can be good.
that's amazing...but still scary. =P