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i haven't had time to come around much lately 'cause things have been crazy the past couple of days.

i'll just leave it at that.

i'm leaving in a few hours, so wish me luck! i'm sure i'll be online sporadically to update livejournal and send e-mails of course.

and for those of you bored enough, here's my flight info for the trip.

they're all on northwest airlines:

august 1
cleveland to minneapolis - flight 1887
minneapolis to tokyo - flight 19
tokyo to shanghai - flight 85

august 19
shanghai to tokyo - flight 86
tokyo to los angeles - flight 2

Anyways, tammi is really awesome. I'm going to miss her so much, never before has a blonde inspired me to be more creative.

guess who wrote that above segment. hahaha.

i still have to pack like a motherfucker. so laters.
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