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two pills just weren't enough.

saturday night rocked the house like no other.

the best '60s go-go themed party ever at roxanne's. hung out with various cool kids that i never get to see (and probably won't see again).

chocolate covered fruit, need i say more? and alison gave me a card with a little gifty and i felt all special. awwww. yay alison.

sunday: i went digging through mg's old photo albums and took a bunch of doubles. then me and tams went up to the mall for a bit, sat in the car while it monsooned outside. went to pick up cathy and paul and we all came back to my place around 8 where jim met us.

i gave them all my small going-away presents. it was really hot and humid and the air conditioning was off. we left to go to friendly's around 10 (tammi says hypocrisy on my part), came back to make spaghetti and watch parts of final destination 2, then headed out again.

dropped tammi off, went up to jim's to grab cathy's guitar while his chihuahuas screeched at us. then me, cathy, and paul went to denny's and floated around for an hour or two. it wasn't so bad. there was the one mohawk kid from the party last week, and this guy jason, crazy carl who asked me if i was on friendster (HAHA), ambiguous taggs, matt, drunk katie who wasn't drunk, and others.

we left around 3 to go to the super k-mart on brookpark. after roaming aimlessly and sampling all the products, we went to paul's house, where everyone promptly fell asleep by 6.

whenever we pull "all-nighters" i'm usually the only one that actually stays awake all night. it's kind of fun though, early morning musings are always interesting. i spent the last couple of hours (until around 8) listening to mp3s on paul's computer, most of which were mine 'cause he burned all my cds.

today is much cooler temperature-wise, i have four days left in cleveland, and i'm going to see a free movie tonight (hopefully!).

no need to waste my time with bullshit. i have too much to look forward to.
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