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embarrassed by its honesty.

it still feels unreal.


i started packing today, even though i have a week left. it's weird sorting through all my personal belongings and discarding clothes, papers, random paraphernalia..

i'm no longer a mall employee. i am also no longer part of the phenomenon known as dollar tree. a bittersweet moment as i left national city with sabrina after close, wearing these aviator glasses (i'm very original) in celebration.

it's the end of an era. seriously. my first "real" job of a year and nine months, over.

it definitely was annoying as all hell but i'll miss the people. jenny blake and her obsession with poison, anti-humanity outlook on life. natalie's hilarious impressions and the few fun times we hung out. sabrina's ditziness, though she means well and we click.

and of course, barb - who could forget barb. one of these years i'm coming back to do a documentary on her.

yeah so i started packing. and now i'm unemployed.

i watched american history x, too. very powerful movie.

seven days and the sky's the limit..

[could i ever have imagined, when i first moved here in seventh grade and was in mr. mack's class with tammi and mary grace and so many others, that they and people i hadn't met and people i wouldn't know for a few years would become so close to me, that five and a half years down the line i'd be living in this strange girl's basement, that parting would be so much more dramatic than anything else in my life? a place that's made me who i am, people who have made me who i am and a strange feeling that this means more to me than i let on or can comprehend at the moment.]

seven days, make it count.
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