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there was a loophole in my dreaming.

the past few days have been action-packed like a mother and much fun.

friday me and tammi toxicglitterkid went on a hott date. ;) keith is very jealous. i took her to see whale rider at cedar lee, which had subtle feminist undertones and tons of inside jokes to be harvested. it was good but i've definitely enjoyed other movies there more.

tammi: "everyone's looking at us as the fashioncore bi-racial couple."

haha. we went to denny's afterwards and i won this awesome fat duck thing from the claw machine. i have the skills like no other.

saturday morning i went to pittsburgh with mg and the gang. we stopped by her school (pittsburgh tech) to settle some financial stuff, then some family friends, and her great-aunt's - who was a very cute little old lady, adorned with all-pink and an italian accent.

we went to the century iii mall which is this crazy shopping complex with like four stories. bought some unnecessary shirts and we were on our way home around 8.

i went to cathy's around 11 since we were planning on going to this party and pulling another all-nighter. i was walking towards her front door when someone called my name and stepped out of the shadows.

of all the random people in the world, it was jesse who i haven't seen since like march. we talked for a while and caught up with each other, he apologized for that one thing a while back and it was nice. i was never really bitter, just very distanced from him, but i'm very glad we got to make "amends" or at least see each other again before i leave for good.

the party was down on broadview past denny's and in this kid johnny's apartment. the social gathering of punk and hardcore elitists of parma. it wasn't bad though, i had fun with cathy and all while everyone was already drunk and giggly. they also shut themselves away to smoke pot for a few minutes but other than that, stuff was cool.

[except that katie girl who i always see and she was drunk again, and had someone take a picture of us again, and she said i was the cutest kid in the whole world again. hahaha i think i'm more perplexed and disturbed than flattered by this thing she does every time i see her.]

the good, the bad, and the ugly.

we played ninja turtles on the old school nintendo. we found cigarette butts, gum, and ashes in the ice cream (ewww). and rum in the ice tray.

we left to take matt (cathy's ex) home and we hung out in his backyard for like two hours. it was nice though, i love staying up all night. there's a certain point when the entire world is so quiet and you feel a kind of peace growing within.

me and cathy were hungry but couldn't eat, 'cause courtney gave us money to buy her chicken strips from denny's. we sat down for a little - i saw rachel smith and it was cool, we talked for a few moments. it was around 4.

when we got home the latest drama was unfolding. there were a few scattered people left, courtney was awake. long story short, johnny is like so in love with courtney and gave her $60 and let me drive his car so we could go to bedford to bail her brother out of jail.

we kept on going the wrong direction because he was falling asleep and coming off of being drunk and high all night and weird. then he was snoring real loud in the car while we were waiting for courtney at the police station.

everyone was in a pissy mood but i kind of enjoyed it. like an adventure, haha. it seemed kind of fitting because it was just beginning to get light outside. the past night i'd been listening to "sunrise, sunset" on the way home from pittsburgh with mary grace as the sky darkened.

we went back to johnny's and cathy played legend of zelda for a few hours. me and this guy wes were coaching her with helpful advice from our eight-year-old selves. i forgot how much that game rocks.

i took wes home and dropped cathy off at matt's. then went home and took a shower, fell asleep around 10. i woke up around 3 in the afternoon and mg's mom made me a hoagie and scalloped potatoes. it's the good life, alright.

while cathy and courtney are going to try to sneak into lollapalooza tonight through a hole in the fence at blossom, i think i want to kick back, relax, vegetate. i'm in a pretty good mood and i feel like doing absolutely nothing.

[addendum: i got tickets to see the eels with alison on friday!!]
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