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you can't stay mad at the setting sun.

i had to wake up at 9 to go to dollar tree. :( first time unloading the truck shipment at work, with jenny. my waifish body is still sore. at least it was only an hour and a half shift.

took some unsatisfying naps in the afternoon. drugged by non-r.e.m. sleep, and we're not talking "everybody hurts" here.

later, me and mg visited amber and josh at their apartment. we all went to the purple lotus. finally! it felt like a commercialized ambergram but it was still cool. i got some neat going-away gifts there that i'm sure my friends will like.

i thought about it, and i only have a list of about eight people who i really want to give something to. i'm not expecting much in return, i think i enjoy the giving itself even if it is materialistic. but it's quaint, goddammit! and you'll love me for it. :)

in other news, family guy is the funniest show ever. i don't understand how mg doesn't grasp the satire.
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