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set it on fire in a vat of chicken fat.

it's this late night euphoria that makes me feel like everything is okay. even though conversations could have been better, friends could be warmer, life could be more fulfilling, i'm happy with what i have right now.

strange, no?

earlier today me and mg were just lying on her bed, unable to move. laziness to the extreme, we felt "calm as hindu cows" in the stuffy afternoon heat.

but then i went over cathy's. she cut my hair for me out in the backyard on an old bench. it started to rain while we were wrapping up, it was a very emo moment. i like my haircut a lot. but speaking of emo, i look like one of the guys from thursday now or something. hmmm. maybe i'll post a picture tomorrow since you're all dying to see. ;)

courtney came and left, jim and paul came and we went to parmatown to drop off a few applications. and i bought shoes. then we went over to marc's to buy ice cream by the bulk.

i got this huge thing of passion fruit fat-free sherbert for like $2, and man was it fucking good. i ate about a fourth of it and left it at cathy's. my dental hygiene is gonna go down the drain..

a couple hours later we ended up in my basement watching beetlejuice. this was after the crazy water fight throughout the house and all.

it's almost 3 a.m. again, and i'm up doing what? wasting time online. but i'm enjoying it. i'm also enjoying "the perks of being a wallflower" - the author stephen chbosky was a screenwriting major at usc, it turns out.

recently i've been getting to know this wonderful person. it makes me feel like everything will be alright. and i'm a little scared that the feeling won't last, or for some reason or another i'll never make it to los angeles, but i'm trying to be realistic here.

airplane paranoia is the last thing i'll have ruin my mood.
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