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acid casualty with the repossessed car.

yesterday i went into work at 12:30 like i was supposed to.

the store gate was locked, there were no lights on. sabrina the third key forgot to show up completely. after sitting on the bench in disbelief for a few minutes, i walked down to mall management but they were closed. so i called customer service, and they got in touch with security, who were already trying to get ahold of barb or jenny.

they just got answering machines though, so as i was about to leave around 1, after sticking a note in the back door, i saw sabrina huff and puff her way into the mall.

long story short, barb was not pleased (being on vacation), we opened at least two hours late on a sunday and became the gossip of every mall employee that swung by for beverages. haha.

i walked into work today, and me and jenny just looked at each other and started laughing.

anyway, i went to bed extremely late again last night - and only because the household was stirring, mrs. c's cousins (?) were over and they went on a father-son fishing trip. god knows why they decided to leave at 4 in the morning.

my phone went off at like 9:30 though, and cathy persuaded me to go out to breakfast with her and courtney. i was groggy but it was good times. we ate at the parmatown denny's where amber's grandma and aunt recognized me and talked all friendly-like. i had this deliciously delicious omelette and hash browns.

then we went to the mall to look for job applications for cathy. i left around noon and bought batteries at cvs and also made a trip to the library to pick up two books: "the perks of being a wallflower" and "the accidental asian."

i've heard a lot about the first for a while, so i thought i'd check it out, especially after tammi's rave reviews. ;) the second book was something my dad was reading a couple years ago actually, and i just somehow realized that it struck me as very interesting. getting in touch with the cultural heritage and whatnot.

i'm watching the pianist right now, about halfway through. it reminds me a lot of schindler's list.
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