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we all live in a yellow submarine.

mary grace's parents bought her a new computer as a graduation gift. this goes along with the $2880 she received from all her relatives. eek, i know it sounds so sad and materialistic, but i'm jealous. oh well; i'm over it.

me, her, and hudak went out to look for a cheap table. garage sales were nowhere to be found, we ended up buying this little black thing on wheels from salvation army for like $20. not bad.

later i went to alison's graduation slash birthday party. it was nice seeing her and roxanne and other people again, like john and nikki, matt molzan, even dave. also met her dance friends andrea and caitlin who were both cool. and of course there was boyfriend brad and brother fred. hahaha.

alison's parents are the coolest.

grad parties are horrible if you try to eat healthy though. why is there always stuffed cabbage?! and goddamn slabs of chicken.. and pastries that call my name.

well we hung out, ate pez and talked, played disney trivial pursuit that was excruciatingly tough and i left around 11:30.

there were a bunch of other parties going on today too, like leslie, casey, and alison schweda (who still has my shirt and hat from april; grr!). but i didn't end up stopping by any of them.

my hair smells like oranges, it's early sunday morning, and i'm trying to keep myself in check. don't get carried away with daydreams and expectations. be hopeful, but realistic. don't be crushed if shit happens. i've lived enough to know that it always does. beep beep boop.
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